SAI Platform Conference
24 - 27 April 2017, Beijing, China

Dr Toby Waine is a Lecturer in Applied Remote Sensing at Cranfield University. His particular areas of interest are the integration of multi-spectral satellite imagery of different spatial resolutions within the context of crop survey design and crop production estimates. Building on extensive experience of illicit crop monitoring of opium poppy and cannabis in Afghanistan (UK-MOD, UK-FCO and United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime), his recent research focuses on looking at the challenges of food security and commodity markets, including tracking and mapping and monitoring changes in North American wheat (Innovate UK, NE/M007154/1). His international research experience includes leading commercial projects mapping and quantifying production of cocoa in Cote d’Ivoire, Ghana and Indonesia, coffee in Vietnam, lettuce in Spain and tea in Kenya. He is also co-investigator for ‘Sustaining Himalayan Water Resources in a Changing Climate’ (NERC NE/N015541/1) and Emergency flood planning and management using unmanned aerial systems, (EPSRC EP/P02839X/1) both using remote sensing to improve understanding and management of water resources.