SAI Platform Conference
24 - 27 April 2017, Beijing, China

Rozanne currently is Head of Sustainability at innocent drinks, leading on sustainability across our business. She is responsible for exploring new ways of providing sustainable pathways for our supply chain, how to manage impact in a positive way, building external connections for collaboration, and designing and engaging business, and ultimately drinkers, in a longer term strategic view on sustainability.

She initially started out as a chemical engineer – after deciding dodging pools of phosphoric acid on a chemical plant was not the future, she studied horticulture, probably inspired by being raised on a farm in Southern Zimbabwe. She spent some years as an agronomy adviser to citrus farmers in the eastern part of South Africa, Swaziland and Mozambique, learning about the many practical challenges facing farming, often within a confusing regulatory and market landscape, but also noticing the inherent creativity within and innovative nature of many farmers, who know their land so well.

She joined innocent drinks 11 years ago, initially to start up the technical team focusing on fruit sourcing, and until recently have been the Head of Fruit, responsible for all aspects of ingredient sourcing, including longer term security of supply and sustainable sourcing. As part of this, she led on strawberry water project in Spain, which was the trigger for forming the Doñana Berry Group that SAI Platform now hosts.

Within SAI Platform, she was part of the group who designed the FSA 2.0, and was on the Verification and Integrity Committee who worked up the initial foundations of governance for the FSA. She is currently the chair of the Fruit & Nut Working Group, and on the FSA Steering Committee.